Our Summer Competition is Here!

We’re having a competition! A little excitement to shake up your day could be precisely what the doctor ordered. We’re not asking for any complicated submissions or posting double filtered, high contrast pictures; all you need to do for a chance to win is like our Facebook page or Follow our Instagram, find the pinned post- like and tag your friends in the comments and voilà! A CHANCE TO WIN!

We can already hear you asking, “What’s the prize?”. Well, we’ve put together quite the package, added up it’s a £170 worth of high-quality skincare products for you to enjoy and care for yourself from your eyebrows to your toes!

Apraise Tint Starter Kit

One of our best-selling eyelash and eyebrow tinting kits, with black tint, blue black tint and dark brown tint included, this eyebrow kit has everything you need to make them look flawless.  With about 40 applications per tube and up to 8 weeks colour duration, this set should keep you going for a long time.




CHOCOLATE! Yes, chocolate. But not any chocolate, skincare chocolate. This is one of our best sellers and one of our favourites. With a combination of highly active ingredients, Esthechoc helps your skin’s health and slows down signs of ageing. The best part is it is less than 40 calories per chocolate!

Kaeso Calming Kit

Soothing and gentle skincare range of products. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, each product is designed to prevent irritation and calm redness. With mask, exfoliator, cleanser, toner and moisturiser, this kit is a great range of products for a girls night in. 

Kaeso Pedicure Kit

We did say “down to your toes”, did we? Keaso's products are carefully formulated to deliver fantastic results with all naturally derived ingredients. With a soak, sprays, scrub, mask and lotion, this is a perfect pedicure kit for getting ready to go on holiday. 


Instant Effects 3D Lip Plumper 5ml

No-sting, beautiful gloss, and intense hydration. This 3D lip plumper will make your lips appear fuller by up to 20%. The 3D Lip Plumping Treatment also helps to create a more defined lip line and cupid’s bow and in increases the natural colour of your lips. 


Ultrasun 20SPF Sports Gel 200ml

During summer, leaving home without SPF is a no go for many of us, we’ve got you covered on this one, pun intended. That’s we included this very high-quality sunscreen gel, that should protect you when you are out and about in the sun.

Dermaceutic Oxybiome Cleansing Miceller Water 100ml

Effective for all skin types, it removes make-up and cleanses the pores leaving the skin smooth and clean. The perfect start to any skin care regimen.

Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask With Collagen & Green Tea

Containing collagen, green tea, aloe vera, vitamin A, vitamin E; these masks are designed to keep the skin under your eyes look nourished and young. The pack contains 3 masks to keep the anti-aging benefits for a long time!


Again, for a chance to win, follow our Instagram or like our Facebook page, like the competition post, tag your friends and cross your fingers! Best of luck!

2 Winners will be announced after the closing date for the prize. T&Cs Apply. UK Only. The competition ends at midnight on 19/07/2021. Entries will only be counted once per person. You are eligible to enter both Facebook and Instagram competitions separately.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@skinfanatics.net