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Essentials For Your SFX Makeup Starter Kit

Being a special effects makeup artist is an exciting profession filled with challenging projects and rewarding results. One of the most important things you need to be able to create a fabulous effect is a kit that goes well beyond regular makeup bags. Things like fake blood, alcohol, and latex are only part of the essentials that always need to be with you when you get to work.


Wax is very commonly used by special FX makeup artists because of its versatility. It can be molded, stretched, and compressed to create different effects and achieve excellent results. You can create entirely new features in someone’s face by using just wax. This product is essential to achieve the design you have in your mind.

You should get wax for different skin tones to be able to apply it to different people. You can combine your wax with different items such as spirit gum, which is a nice adhesive that provides a great effect.


Blood is a must-have in the beauty industry. Fake blood allows you to create those scary looks that people won’t forget. Plus, there are some that even have flavoring, which will be appreciated by your clients if the project requires you to put blood on their mouths.

You should make sure it can be easily washed off clothes and other items. Something to keep in mind, regardless of the brand, is to always perform a little test to make sure no allergic reactions take place.

Clotted Blood

Liquid blood will not always do the trick. You can add a bit of jelly for a better effect but the best way to ensure you get a realistic effect for scabs and coagulated blood is directly getting the real deal. This is a gel that allows you to create a more deteriorated look. This can apply to zombies, injuries that are supposed to be a bit older, and even surgical effects.

Liquid Latex

Latex is as indispensable as wax because of how versatile it is. You can create everything from gnarly scars to blending skin to prostheses. Plus, you can create realistic-looking wounds and lacerations. In addition, you can use liquid latex as your base and then add additional makeup to create the desired effect.

Alcohol-Activated Paints

These paints are really good and they are usually more resistant to sweat, rain, water, and other liquids that could otherwise mess up the makeup. That said, keep in mind that they also have a drying effect. Therefore, you need to account for that and make sure you are using them in a balanced way. And of course, add the alcohol to activate them to your kit.


Adhesives and spirit gum are instrumental to make sure everything stays where it should be. This is especially relevant when you use prosthetics as part of the makeup. Make sure you get a safe adhesive that has been approved to be used on the skin. Plus, only get water-resistant products for your kit of essentials. There are different presentations for adhesives and it is a good idea to get more than one so that you have more alternatives when you are at work.

Of course, you are also going to need a proper remover that will help you take everything off once the day is done. Isopropyl Myristate is the solvent you want to get to remove everything from adhesives to paint and fake blood.

FX Creme Palettes

In the end, it is important to mention that for SFX makeup, it is always preferable to use high-quality makeup products, such as COLORESCIENCE

Creme blends are another essential item that will allow you to truly achieve full coverage of the part of the body you will be working on. These are specially designed to ensure the texture is as smooth as possible and also that it lasts for a long time. Plus, you can get many different shades, including classic skin tones and more colorful blends.

Now that you have your essentials you can go out there and tackle your projects with the certainty that your kit will let you down. Slowly but surely, you can start adding additional products for more elaborate looks, but there is a lot you can do with simple items like wax, creme palettes, and fake blood. Let your imagination run wild!

Sharon Ober is an experienced makeup artist. She is specialized in costume makeup. Based on her experience she writes articles and she takes pride in providing the best content possible.

Currently, she handles the content at Multimedia Makeup Academy


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