"Fake tan is the way to go" MP Calls to Ban Sunbeds

"Death Machines that cause cancer" ... "If you want browner-looking skin, fake tan is the way to go."

Sunbed use leads to rising skin cancer concerns

On February 13th, Mid Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham, called for the ban of sunbed use across the UK. Right now, the use of sunbeds are currently restricted for people over the age of 18. MP Latham believes that following suit with countries such as Australia and Brazil where sunbed use is already banned will help protect public safety and raise concerns about the rising levels of melanoma every year.

The dangers of using sunbeds

MP Latham shared the shocking truth about sunbeds, "Statistics show that people who have used a sunbed at least once, in any stage of their life, have a 20% higher risk of developing melanoma than those who have never used a sunbed. The first use of a sunbed before the age of 35 increases the risk of developing melanoma by 59%"

Rhondda MP Chris Bryant referred to sunbeds as "death machines" that rely on people's vanity. and agreed that the use should be banned.

It doesn't stop at skin cancer. Sunbeds are known to give out harmful ultra-violet rays that lead to photo-damaging skin. These UV rays damage the skin's elasticity and reproduction of collagen cells, making the skin appear more wrinkled and older looking. This damage also means that any skincare treatments used to help boost collagen reproduction will have little to no effect.

    Stop using sunbeds, Start fake tanning

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