Indulge Your Skin In Luxury Anti-Ageing!

Last week we introduced two new brands to our luxurious skincare collections. CULT51, founded by Richard Mears, was designed to indulge your skin in luxury skincare it deserves. Providing youthful, brighter and firmer results from the very first application.

The goal of CULT51 was to produced a one-cream skin regime for the face without compromising on the ingredients. Expertly formulated with scientifically advanced ingredients that are clinically proven to help the skin's natural tendency to regenerate.

We've collected some of the best anti-ageing skincare from CULT51 to highlight and focus on what makes them so great, and what you should be including in your skincare routine.

CULT51 Luxury Anti-Ageing Skincare


1. CULT51 Day & Night Cream

2. Immediate Effect Serum

3. Neck & Décolleté Firming Cream

4. Derma Line Pen

5. Eye Repair

CULT51 Night Cream

An award-winning night cream that works in synergy with your own metabolism to regenerate cells and restore your skin to its former, more youthful state. The combination of active ingredients work together to encourage cell regeneration, promoting collagen and hyaluronic acid production, whilst protecting against genetic ageing. This rich and luxurious cream has been independently tested and clinically proven to deliver on 51 anti-ageing benefits. From your very first application you can expect to see a difference in the luminosity and evenness of your skin tone.

CULT51 Immediate Effect Serum

A restorative super-active, anti-ageing serum which works in conjunction with your skin cells to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and skin imperfections. Created for a world-renowned celebrity, this serum is clinically proven to target imperfections in just 15 minutes. Formulated with anti-ageing benefits that encourage skin cells to stimulate collagen, elastin and cellular regeneration. Results in smoothing expression lines and creases, increases skin firmness and elasticity. Most importantly it nourishes, brightens and hydrates the skin, to leave you appearing and feeling more youthful.

CULT51 Neck & Décolleté Firming Cream

A great skincare never neglects the neck & décolleté area. Revitalise the delicate skin with this new, highly advanced skincare formula. Notice an instant invigorating lifting effect, as skin immediately feels firmer and looks more youthful with results that build over time. Enriched with botanical extracts, moroccan argan nut oil and stabilised Vitamin C, this powerful blend stimulates your skin cells to produce more collagen, giving you smoother skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. During clinical tests, 100% of respondents noticed an instant lifting effect and said their neck and décolleté skin felt firmer, healthier and more radiant.

CULT51 Derma Line Pen

A unique formula of powerful bio-based ionic liquid increases hydration, generates luminosity and elasticity. Formulated with clinically proven derma line concentrate, containing a powerful, bi-phase formulation of active ingredients and oxygen which merge when the product has been shake. It infuses your skin with oxygen, dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 10 minutes, and lasting up to 8 hours. Derma Line concentrate is quickly absorbed into the skin, giving an instant plumping effect, as well as increases the average hydration level by 144%.

CULT51 Eye Repair

A powerful anti-ageing serum specifically formulated to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Clinically proven to work in harmony with your own skin to firm, tone, lift imperfections and smooth creases. The luxurious silky formula is quickly absorbed into the skin, instantly improving structure for a more nourished and luminous complexion. This super-strength treatment has a cumulative effect so you will continue to see amazing results the more you use it.


If you have purchased or used any of the products mentioned, let us know how well they did! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at