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The First Electrical Toothbrush with DentalRF™ Technology

One of the latest designs from Silk'n, the Silk'n ToothWave focuses on improving overall dental health, as well as the appearance of your teeth. It is the first electric toothbrush with DentalRF technology that is able to remove discolouration, stubborn stains and tartar resulting in visibly whiter teeth in addition to helping prevent gum disease and tooth decay. The Silk'n ToothWave is the one of the first and best tartar remover toothbrushes!

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DentalRF technology, the secret of ToothWave

New clinically proven, patented and safe DentalRF technology is the secret behind the success of ToothWave. It can deliver results which are similar to those of a dental hygienist, supporting ToothWave to be one of the best electric toothbrush on the market.

Even when you brush twice a day. Impurities like discolouration, stains and tartar attach themselves to the tooth's surface via strong molecular bonds. Standard brushing methods cannot break these bonds and strong chemicals that can, will end up damaging the teeth. When looking for the best plaque remover it is important to consider safety alongside strength.

Silk'n ToothWave on the other hand, sends mild radio-frequency waves of charged molecules to the surface of each tooth. These charged molecules destabilise the bonds between the tooth's surface and the impurities. The impurities are then detached from the tooth's surface, to be immediately replaced by other molecules that originate from the water and toothpaste which are present in the mouth. These new bonds create a protective layer and prevent the impurities from reattaching.

See DentalRF technology in action with this great video from Silk’n:

Visibly noticeable results in 2 months

Over time, the Silk'n ToothWave is able to provide you with remarkably improved oral hygiene. Not only does it remove plaque, but unlike other regular electric or manual toothbrushes it also removes teeth discolouration, stubborn stains and even calculus (tartar). Additionally, it reduces gum inflammation and ensures overall healthier gums all thanks to DentalRF technology.

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes. After 1 month you will start to see improvements, the results will be even more striking after 2 months. Where you will notice that your teeth have become visibly cleaner, whiter and brighter. Check out the before and after images below to see just how much of a difference the ToothWave can make!

Innovative designs to protect tooth enamel

The brush head is an innovative, special feature of Silk’n ToothWave. It contains two electrodes and a silicone strip that lies between, allowing radio-frequency waves to move between the two electrodes which then the silicone strip forces the waves to reach the tooth’s surface.

To ensure the longevity of your teeth, it’s important to clean them properly and maintain your tooth enamel, the teeth’s natural protective layer. ToothWave is designed with this in mind, that is why when DentalRF technology is doing the hard work to tackle the toughest impurities from the tooth’s surface in a safely manner. The brush heads are only provided with non-abrasive and soft bristles which sweep away any loosened impurities without damaging the tooth enamel, preventing sensitivity and pain.

Although it is powerful, the ToothWave is suitable and safe for use on metal braces, fillings, facings and all other types of dental implants.If you have tried the Silk'n ToothWave leave us a comment with your experience. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@healthandbeautyonline.co.uk

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