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The 4 Best Affordable Glycol Acid Products That Actually Work

Glycolic Acid has to be one of the most effective and life-changing ingredients introduced to the skin care world. It's benefits towards acne-prone skin as well as tackling pigmentation, dullness and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles without overly-irritating the skin. In this blog you can find out more about Glycolic Acid, how it benefits the skin, when to and when not to include it in your skincare routine. Best of all, at the very end of the blog you can find a small selection of our best skincare products with glycolic acid.

What Is Glycolic Acid?

Technically speaking, Glycolic acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that's derived from sugar cane. It joins other acids such as lactic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid. Glycolic acid is the simplest in structure of AHAs, and the smallest which allows it to easily penetrate the skin and be super effective in treating various skin concerns.

What does Glycolic Acid do for your skin?

Glycolic acid is an exfoliant, it helps removes dead skin cells and reveal the brighter, new layers underneath. Because Glycolic acid is so small, it can penetrate deeper into your skin allowing it to do serious work. Glycolic acid works to stimulate collagen production, it helps the skin feel firmer as well as minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Resulting in your complexion being more evenly-toned, smoother and looking more radiant.  

When to use Glycolic Acid?

As with all exfoliants, it's best to start small especially if you have sensitive skin or skin that's prone to irritation. Before completely diving into a full routine, we always recommend applying a patch test to ensure you don't irritate your skin. To start with, a glycolic cleanser can be great for building your skin tolerance. It's always good to use one that combines Glycolic acid with hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin doesn't dry out. For those with oily skin, it's recommend to try Glycolic acid in the form of a peel as that's where it is considered most effective. 

Is Glycolic Acid suitable for my skin type?

Glycolic acid works best for normal, combination or oily skin types. People with dry, highly sensitive skin should avoid using Glycolic acid products as they'll most likely irritate the skin, or cause burns. Even with a suitable skin type, users of Glycolic acid products need to consider the weather and how seasons will impact their skin. In colder, winter months, the skin's natural barrier will be more fragile, which often leads to the skin appearing dry or chapped. This can lead to deeper penetration which in turn will result in the skin feeling irritated. 

Side effects of Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid is a powerful ingredient that if used wrong can result in skin irritation or burns. As we discussed before, it's not just winter months when you need to be cautious, after you finish a skincare routine with Glycolic acid, it is essential to apply sunscreen with SPF 50. Glycolic acid will make your skin more sensitive after treatment, that's why most treatments come in the forms of night creams or exfoliants recommended for night skincare routines. However you shouldn't be scared to try Glycolic acid, in fact it's really safe compared to some ingredients. Glycolic acid has it's own built-in safeguard, it is immediately neutralised upon contact with water. This means if you ever do begin to feel tingling or skin irritation, you can rinse off with water. Even if it's penetrated into your skin, it eventually reaches the water in the dermis (outer-layer of skin) which again is where it will be neutralised and won't go any further.

Our Best Skin Care with Gylcolic Acid


1. Dermaceutic Foamer 15

2. NeoStrata Smooth Surface Daily Peel

3. Mene & Moy Advanced Cream

4. Dermaceutic Mask 15

Dermaceutic Foamer 15

An expertly designed, double action formula that contains 15% Glycolic acid which removes impurities, dead cells and purifies the skin. Foamer 15 is recommended for a dull complexion, irregular texture and skin imperfections by permeating the hydrolipidic film and soothing the skin. Complete with anti-inflammatory agents to help reduce skin irritation and prepare the skin for cosmetic treatments. Results in silky smooth skin that appears more radiant.

NeoStrata Smooth Surface Daily Peel

This daily home peel is formulated with Glycolic acid to exfoliate and increase cell turnover to clarify pores, refine skin texture and improve skin tone. An easy one-step pad that does not require rinsing or neutralising, complete with patented revolutionary Aminofil that builds the skin's natural volume and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An ideal night-time treatment, that's best used prior to a moisturiser with SPF.

Mene & Moy Advanced Cream

Containing a powerful 30% Glycolic acid formula that helps to effectively treat thickened, rough and wrinkled skin. This cream works fantastically as a potent night time peeling moisturiser. The Glycolic acid works to remove dense patches of dead cells and smoothen uneven skin texture while added ingredients such as Vitamin C and Grapeseed extract, regenerate and reconstruct mature, sun damaged skin by increasing collagen production. Ideal for mature, sun-damaged, dry and tough skin types. When used regularly, rough skin is softened, deep wrinkles are smoothed and rough texture is minimised.

Dermaceutic Mask 15

A unique combination of smectic clay and Glycolic acid helps purifies and removes imperfections from the skin, tightens pores and reduces excess sebum. Containing an expertly formulated combination of 15% Glycolic acid alongside 2% Salicylic acid that's ideal for oily skin and acne, blemish-prone skin types. This astringent oil reducing clay mask is perfect for exfoliating toxins and impurities from the skin. In clinical trials, 83% of patients feel that their skin has improved since using Mask 15.

Please remember that using Glycolic acid will result in your skin becoming more sensitive to UV damage and/or environmental stressors. It's essential that you apply sun protection at the end of your skincare routine.

If you have purchased or used any of the products mentioned, let us know how well they improved your skincare routine! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@skinfanatics.net

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