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The Secret To A Perfect Tan In Autumn & Winter

Missed out on your Summer tan? Struggling to get back your golden glow?

A tanning accelerator is perfect to take with you to the sunbed this Autumn & Winter. Although they feel like super luxurious moisturisers, these products do a lot more than simply hydrate the skin. The best tanning accelerators work by speeding up the skin's tanning process so that you get a bronze glow much quicker than usual. Packed with ingredients that encourage your skin cells to produce melanin (the pigment responsible for tanning), they are perfect to use on all skin tones.

Tan accelerators do not cause streaks or make your skin appear orange because they contain no colour or DHA pigments. They are packed with moisture-loving ingredients and vitamins that help to hydrate the skin as it tans to minimise the risk of dehydration, peeling and flaking. Discover some of our best tan accelerators from our great collection!

5 of the Best Tan Accelerators in 2019


1. Supre Tan Go To Black Dark Maximiser

2. Power Tan X-Power Gel

3. Emerald Bay Dark Escape

4. Supre Tan Cherry Bomb Dark Tanning Maximiser

5. Power Tan Coconut Crush



Supre Tan Go To Black Dark Maximiser

A must-have for those wanting the best tan accelerator. This advanced tanning concentrate is formulated with Tyrosine and Carrot Oil that will make you several shades darker after just one tanning session. Complete with Vitamins A, C & E to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance while skin nourishing Argan Oil leaves you feeling miraculously silky, soft and smooth.



Power Tan X-Power Gel

A powerful blend of nutrient-enriched ingredients and active melanin stimulating agents that combine to deliver dark intensified tanning results. Containing Hemp and Pro-Vitamin B5 for enhanced skin hydration and conditioning. This unique, tingle-free blend has all the moisturising features of a lotion, with the fast absorption and cleanness of a gel.



Emerald Bay Dark Escape

This hypoallergenic, intensifier is a fruity cocktail that feeds your skin tan-loving nutrients with Agave Nectar while Balm Mint helps protect your skin. Infused with skin refreshing Coconut Oil to provide extreme hydration resulting in a silky, smooth exotic glow. It's Fruitini fragrance has become tantalising for customers.



Supre Tan Cherry Bomb Dark Tanning Maximiser

Experience a whole lot of sweet with a little bit of heat. This tanning formula is formulated with a powerful ColourBurt Complex™, which helps accelerate and amplify the skin's natural melanin production to provide you with an explosion of flirtatious colour. While skin firming Cherry extracts, blended with Vitamins A, C & E help restore the skin's natural vitality to appear smoother, firmer and more youthful.



Power Tan Coconut Crush

A creamy, coconut concoction of natural oils and minerals, infused with premium moisturising agents to create a heavenly coconut experience for this skin. Contains L-Tyrosine for faster, darker tanning results and Grape Seed extract alongside Shea Butter helps hydrate the skin and retain a golden, youthful glow.


FAQ's About Sunbed Tan Accelerators

What is a tanning accelerator?

A tan accelerator or intensifier lotion has ingredients that aim to enhance your tan by working to encourage melanin production while keeping your skin hydrated. Since the lotion doesn't contain any bronzers, the tan is only developed naturally by the melanin in your skin.

Do tanning accelerators work in sunbeds?

Yes. These tan accelerators featured are specifically designed to be used before and after each tanning session. Not only do they contain melanin encouraging formulas but also deeply hydrating ingredients to ensure the skin isn't damage during sessions.

When do you use a tan accelerator?

A tan accelerator can be applied all over the body before and after tanning to both prepare your skin for the sunbed and to prolong your tan afterwards. Applying at both time is also a great way to keep your skin hydrated, which is excellent for tanning.

How long will a sunbed tan last?

This can vary depending on how dark and deep your tan is, but if you have used tanning accelerator to achieve a dark, deep tan, and your skin is constantly kept hydrated, then it is expected to last up to 4 weeks.


If you have used any of the products mentioned let us know how well they did. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@healthandbeautyonline.co.uk

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