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The Ultimate Beauty Christmas Gifts Guide

Are you counting down the days until Christmas? There's no time like the present to begin Christmas shopping and what better gifts this year than the luxury beauty gift sets and devices we offer. Whether you're treating yourself, surprising a loved one or friend. We've selected our best Christmas gift ideas to help you decide what to wrap under the tree this festive season.

No matter your budget, we have collections of under £20 gifts and luxury gifts including a range of gift sets and offers with amazing value! Plus, if you spend over £100 you can save an extra 10% with discount code: XMAS10.

10 of the Best Christmas Beauty Gifts in 2019


1. Kaeso Facial Skincare Kits

2. White to Brown Let it Glow Gift Set

3. Silk'n Revit Prestige

4. Esthechoc Beauty Chocolates

5. Heliocare Gelcream Light + Brown Set

6. Silk'n Tightra Rejuvenation Device

7. Kaeso Manicure / Pedicure Kits

8. Hive Wax Heaters with Free Wax Pots

9. Silk'n Infinity Velvet Hair Removal Device

10. Revitalash Gift Pack



Kaeso Facial Skincare Gifts

A fabulous gift that's perfect for those wanting a complete skincare routine boost. There are 3 types of Kaeso kits. Hydrating for dry skin, Rebalancing for oily/acne prone skin, and Calming for sensitive skin types.
Each kit features a mask, exfoliator, cleanser, toner and moisturiser. These skincare kits are amazing value for professional standard products.



White to Brown Let it Glow Gift Set

Featuring White to Brown's favourite self-tanning lotion in medium or dark shades, plus a free body cleanse. This gift is perfect for a friend or loved one at a great price!
Their smooth, luxurious tanning cream delivers indulgently golden results with every application. Infused with 100% naturally derived tanning ingredients as well as Cocoa Butter to hydrate and condition the skin.



Silk'n Revit Prestige

The best at-home microdermabrasion device from Silk'n. The Revit Prestige works to remove dead skin cells and stimulates the regeneration of new cells. This leads to an improvements in skin tone, texture and elasticity whilst softening fine lines, acne scars and age spots. With LCD display and smart Auto Mode, this simple to use machine can be the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to have firmer and younger looking skin.



Esthechoc Beauty Chocolates

A science-based skin indulgence that helps to regain your skin health, and slow down the ageing process all for less than 40 calories. Esthechoc contributes to healthy, luminous and smooths skin and is suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians. Providing noticeable improvements in just 3 weeks you can discover more about the science behind esthechoc here.



Heliocare Gelcream Light + Brown Set

Adding a subtle, natural-looking bronzed veneer to your complexion, this gel-cream also protects the face from UVA/B damage. Complete with SPF 50, and suitable for all skin type, this lightweight formula soaks into the skin quickly, leaving a comfortable finish. Find the perfect shade for your complexion by mixing both light and brown formulations together.



Silk'n Tightra Rejuvenation Device

Designed in such a way that to cause no discomfort during use. The Silk'n Tightra is the best vaginal rejuvenation device to use at home. It helps to restore self-confidence, control and sexual satisfaction. Using Bi-Polar RF energy, known for it's tightening and firming effect on on collagen, the Tightra aims to provide noticeable results in just 4 weeks! Learn more about the Silk'n Tightra here.



Kaeso Manicure / Kaeso Pedicure Kits

Whether it's a luscious manicure range or soothing and refreshing pedicure range. These stunning kits and perfectly packaged to make amazing gifts for anyone. The manicure range is complete with a soak, spray, scrub, mask and cream to nourish, moisturise and promote healthy hands and nails. While the pedicure range includes a soak, two sprays, scrub, mask and lotion to relieve and invigorate sore and tired feet. With great packaging, and at an affordable price, these two kits can't go unnoticed when Christmas shopping. 



Hive Wax Heaters with Free Wax Pots

A seasonal special offer that's great for those wanting to get more out of their spend! Our range of Hive wax heaters are elegantly designed and suitable for all warm, creme and hot depilatory waxes. A personal 200cc heater will include a free pack of Hive hot film wax discs worth £7.25 where as the larger heaters will include a pack of waxing pots of your choice worth £15.00! Due to the wide variety, it's best to have a search before you buy. 



Silk'n Infinity Velvet Hair Removal

Revolutionary eHPL technology makes this device makes at home hair removal quick, effective and easy. Suitable for all skin colours and nearly all hair colours the Silk'n Infinity works using galvanic and optical energy brought together for simple pulsing and gliding that effectively treats the entire body and face. Complete with 400,000 light pulses no refills are necessary.



Revitalash Cosmetics Gift Pack

Surprise someone with this luxury bundle of cosmetics from Revitalash. Including their most popular eyelash conditioner, eyebrow conditioner, Hi-Def tinted gel and a free double-ended mascara/primer! Revitalash's conditioners are finely calibrated formulas that address the visual signs of ageing helping to rejuvenate and replenish dry, brittle lashes and brows. This fabulous set is perfect for those who love spoiling their lashes and brows.


If you have used any of the products mentioned let us know how well they did. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@healthandbeautyonline.co.uk

FAQ's About Our Best Christmas Gifts

What Kaeso Facial Kit Should I Use?

Kaeso has 3 dedicated skin care kits. If you have dry skin, the Kaeso Hydrating kit is best to use. If you have combination or oily/acne prone skin, the Kaeso Rebalancing kit is best to use. If you have sensitive skin the Kaeso Calming kit is best to use.

What is Silk'n Revit Microdermabrasion?

Silk'n Revit at home microdermabrasion device helps improves skin appearance by reducing fine lines, early sun damage and mild, shallow acne marks. This is done by tiny crystals being sprayed onto the skin to gently exfoliate the outer layer of skin, a procedure that leaves skin looking softer, brighter and feeling rejuvenated.

What is Esthechoc?

Anti-ageing beauty chocolate. It features a combination of highly potent active substances. Astaxanthin (the most powerful antioxidant known to science) and Cocoa Polyphenolic (found naturally in chocolate).

What is Silk'n Tightra?

Silk'n Tightra is the first device for feminine intimate wellness that you can use at home with proven safe, and effective Bi-Polar RF technology. This technology is known for its tightening and firming effect on the female private area. Using Silk'n Tightra, you will regain confidence, freedom of movement and sexual satisfaction.

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