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The New Breathe Happy The 98 Reusable Face Mask Kit

In June, as we entered a post-lockdown society we unveiled the Breathe Happy 95 reusable face mask that received a lot of praise. Something simple to use, cost efficient and helps to protect you. Today we're happy to reveal that we are now offering the latest design from Breathe Happy, The 98 reusable mask kit with replaceable Type IIR filters. It offers ≥98% bacteria filtration efficiency with 5 Type IIR filters that last for 7 days each. It uses the same comfortable, washable silicone design that's suitable for all ages.

What is the new Breathe Happy 98 Reusable Face Mask Kit?

The very latest innovation in mask technology that offers the highest filtration. It has a type IIR replaceable filter system that does not come in contact with your face. Breathe Happy The 98 features a comfortable high-grade silicone mask and a separate filter assembly. The mask fits snugly to your face and won't cause glasses to fog up.

Designed for everyday wear, the Breathe Happy 98 can be worn commuting, shopping, out and about, at work or play and can be worn all day without losing efficiency. Just be sure to sterilise your mask and change your replaceable filter every seven days. The Breathe Happy 98 comes with an easy to use draw string sterilising bag to safely and easily sterilise your mask and strap. It has a simple to use replaceable ≥98% efficient filter system that not only keeps you protected but is also extremely cost efficient.

How does the Breathe Happy 98 protect?

The Breathe Happy 98 comes with reusable filters that provide ≥98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) in accordance with EN:14683:2019 and have been certified as ≥98% Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE). With a safe and secure fit, Breathe Happy 98 offers wearers peace of mind by helping to protect against bacteria filtration.

How are the Breathe Happy 98 better than paper masks?

Not only is the Breathe Happy 98 more comfortable than your standard paper mask, it is also extremely cost efficient in comparison and eco-friendly! Seven paper masks are equal to one Breathe Happy 98 replacement filter. Our Breathe Happy 98 reusable face mask kit comes with 5 x 7 day filters, which would be 35 individual paper masks. Not only is the Breathe Happy 98 kit cheaper but the additional replacement filters pack of 20 that you can purchase would be the equivalent of 140 paper masks for just £24.99. As mentioned, these filters all meet EN:14683:2019 Type IIR standards and are certified as ≥98% Particulate Filtration Efficiency. 

It is estimated that in the UK, 66,000 tonnes of waste will be created by disposable paper masks alone by Christmas. The Breathe Happy 98 reusable face mask can create up to 59 times less waste!

How often do the Breathe Happy 98 Filters need replacing?

Filters must be changed every seven days. To maintain filtration efficacy and effectiveness we recommend replacing filters regularly. The replaceable Type IIR filters last seven days unlike disposable masks which should be replaced at least once a day. It's recommended to replace the filter 7 days after the first use. It's also greatly recommend to completely sterilise your Breathe Happy 98 when changing the filter every 7 days as well as washing your hands and/or sanitising them to ensure there's no cross contamination.

The new Breathe Happy 98 reusable face mask kit with Type IIR filters is available to buy for £24.99 with free UK shipping online at https://skinfanatics.net/breathe-happy-98. If you're planning on purchasing but need some advice, feel free contact us at sales@skinfanatics.net or use our live chat feature.