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Clinically proven to visibly improve spot prone skin

BiRetix is a cosmetic range for oily or acne prone skin types with specific formulations for effective blemish prevention and treatment. Its action is based on the demonstrated efficacy of RetinSphere® Technology which provides all the benefits of retinoids without causing irritation or photo-sensitisation, meaning it can be used for prolonged periods including during summer months. 

Using advanced technologies, BiRetix is clinically proven to improve the appearance of acne prone skin and reduce the re-occurrence of blemishes by tackling every stage of the spot cycle. It'll leave your skin clearer with fewer spots, appearing less shiny and feeling refreshed, soothed and smooth.

All the products in the BiRetix range are designed to be used together, creating an easy to stick to 24-week programme that results in clearer, smoother skin you can feel confident in.

BiRetix Duo Gel

The key product in the BiRetix range. A powerhouse of advanced technology that tackle spots at every stage of their development. Formulated with Salicylic acid which is clinically proven to purify skin and help reduce redness, Vitamin A ingredients that help clear pores and clarify the skin, and lastly a botanical complex that's clinically proven to fight the bacteria that leads to spots. The range is rounded with treatment enhancing Biretix Micropeel, Mask and Cleanser.

BiRetix Micropeel: A clarifying and exfoliating cleanser that has been expertly designed to help clear pores and stimulate cell renewal leaving the skin feeling soft, soothed and refreshed.

BiRetix Mask: A soothing clay mask rich in minterals and anti-oxidants to further clarify skin, control sebum (oil) production and reduce shine.

BeRetix Cleanser: A gently daily cleansing gel with natural moisturisers and anti-redness ingredients that leaves your complexion feeling clean and fresh.

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