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Shop our selection of premium cleansers to balance and purify your skin from impurities.  It becomes easier to remove makeup and give your skin a thorough cleansing when you find the right cleanser for your skin type, whether it's a foam, gel, oil, or balm.


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NeoStrata Resurface Foaming Glycolic Wash, 125ml

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Kaeso Hydrating Kit
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About the brand

Without having an optimal cleanser, your best moisturiser won't work as great as it could. Daily cleansing helps clean out pores and removes make-up and environmental pollutants that can clog and damage the surface of the skin. Choosing the right ingredients is very important when picking out a cleanser. For example, Glycolic Acid is a popular key ingredient across a range of facial cleansers due to its very effective anti-ageing properties. Like-wise Salicylic Acid cleansers are more targeted towards acne-prone skin types but include intense hydrating properties to ensure your skin doesn't dry out making them also suitable for dry, sensitive skin types.