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New Overseas Order Terms

Following the United Kingdom's exit from the EU on 1st Jan 2021 we now have to implement new procedures when processing an overseas order.

The following changes are:

  1. No VAT will be charged on overseas orders.  All orders will now be classed as an export
  2. Each overseas order may be subject to duty, clearance and import VAT charges.  This will be the responsibility of the buyer to pay.  We, the sender, in no way take responsibility for the amount charged and we cannot estimate the amount charged for you
  3. There may be delays to receiving your delivery due to a back log of exported goods from the United Kingdom to your country while the new procedures bed in
  4. Goods from Non-UK and EU Origin countries are, where applicable, subject to further charges when entering the destination country.  Once again this is the responsibility of the buyer to pay

If you need any further information or advice, please email sales@skinfanatics.net and we will try to answer your query in a timely manner.