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Bio-Advanced Full Length, Low Density, pair

£63.02 GBP


Provides durability while offering moderate control with high levels of shock attenuation


Softer control for older, arthritic or diasbetic patients
  • A range of superior EVA insoles available in low, medium and high densities
  • Replaceable 1st MET & RAY EVA plug
  • Carefully designed and versitile orthoses, ensuring excellent biochemical control that can be easily modified at chairside and dispensed in minutes
  • If required they can be individually customised through heat moulding and free self adhesive components included

Self-adhesive component kit includes:

  • 2 x heel cushions
  • 2 x 4 deg forefoot wedges
  • 2 x 4 deg rearfoot wedges
  • 2 x 5mm heel lifts
  • 1 x calcaneal dell and 1st metatarsal head
How to use: