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Clean + Easy Wax Spa Heater


Specifically designed to wax quickly and efficiently, perfect for the professional esthetician

Wax Spa Heater

  • Accommodates 3 large, 1 medium and 2 small waxes
  • The compartment at the back of the unit allows two extra applicators to heat up to 43°c, allowing a quicker heat-up time when placed into the heater unit.
  • Five-sided heater plates allow for even heating.
  • Cleanliness and economy are increased by the curved heater plates over the top of the roller head so that the door may be left open during treatments.
  • Slim design takes up very little counter space
How to use:

1. Insert plug of waxer into receptacle.
2. Raise front door on waxer to allow applicators to be inserted.
3. Remove caps from wax applicators and place rollers on, turning roller heads until they stop. Do not overturn the rollers.
4. Insert wax applicators into the waxer with the roller facing the heat plate. This allows the roller to remain warm and allows for easier and cleaner application.
5. Place cloth strips into the pockets located on the back of the unit.
6. Lower the waxer door. This permits faster heating. Note: Two additional large wax bottles may be inserted into the pocket on the rear of the waxer. This will keep the wax warm and will heat up faster when placed into the unit.
7. Turn the unit on by moving the lighted toggle switch, located on the left side to the “on” position. Set the variable thermostat located on the left side to the highest position (full clockwise). Allow 30 minutes for the wax bottles to come to a working temperature. After the wax heats up to a working temperature turn the control knob to the center position. Please note that the optimum comfortable temperature setting for the wax can be adjusted by the salon beautician to compensate for room temperature, voltage differences or for personal preferences.

NOTE: For facial and body wax (which may be used less frequently) store outside of the heater until ready to use. Repeated heating of wax may cause it to thicken. Between customers, the thermostat should be turned to the lowest setting (stand-by) overnight, the heater should be either shut off or left on stand-by.