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Eneomey Purify Gel 15% Glycolic Acid 50ml

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Sebum-regulator Gel

Purify Gel eliminates impurities, reduces sebum production and imperfections, smooths and refines skin texture. Blackheads are reduced, pores are tightened and the skin is purified.

  • Strong exfoliating power
  • Reduces blackheads and regulates sebum
  • Reduces bacterial proliferation and sebum production
  • Ideal for acne-prone and oily skin 
  • Not recommended for atopic skin prone to eczema or redness

Purify Gel offers you a complete action: it clears the skin, reduces blackheads and regulates sebum production. Thanks to its unique formula, the physical and functional signs of acne are reduced.

How to use:

After a thoroughly cleansing with Purifying Cleanser, apply in the morning and/or evening. Massage gently to help absorption. For best results, use Purify Masque 10 once or twice a week on the face.Tips: Can be applied on the body, on areas prone to imperfections and where the skin is thicker.Cautions: Purify Gel contains Glycolic Acid, be sure to use a sunscreen such as Sunlight Screen 50+ every day. Should not be used just before strong exposure to the sun (beach, mountain, prolonged outdoor activities, etc.). A slight discomfort may be experienced on sensitive or unaccustomed skin due to the exfoliation and the penetration of the active ingredients. If this happens, space out the applications at the beginning of the treatment and then gradually increase frequency until daily use. Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise rinse thoroughly with water.  Not suitable for sensitive, damaged, irritated or problem skin. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Active ingredients: 15% Glycolic Acid: with its strong exfoliating power, rids the skin of dead cells, and prevents the clogging of pores. It stimulates skin cell renewal, thereby improving appearance and texture.4% Bioregul: is conceived from Iris Extract, Retinyl Palmitate, Zinc and Polysaccharide. It is a purifying, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory complex.1% Salicylic Acid: reduces bacterial proliferation and sebum production. It is also a keratolytic agent that stimulates skin renewal.0.3% Azelaic Acid: derived from the bark of the birch tree, inhibits the bacterial development that causes acne. It is also a sebostatic agent that acts on the production of fatty acids responsible for acne.AQUA (WATER) , ALCOHOL DENAT., GLYCOLIC ACID, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, AMMONIA, SODIUM HYDROXIDE, PROPANEDIOL, ALPHA-GLUCAN OLIGOSACCHARIDE, SALICYLIC ACID, AZELAIC ACID, IRIS FLORENTINA ROOT EXTRACT, RETINYL PALMITATE, ZINC SULFATE, POLYQUATERNIUM-10, HYDROXYETHYLCELLULOSE, ALCOHOL, DISODIUM PHOSPHATE, HYDRATED SILICA, SODIUM PHOSPHATE, POLYSORBATE 60, TETRASODIUM EDTA.