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Eneomey Purify Masque 10, 10% Glycolic Acid 50ml

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Purifying and Mattifying Mask

In 2 minutes only, Purify Masque 10 removes dead cells, excess sebum and regulates combination and oily skin. Your skin texture is refined and your pores are tightened.

  • Tightens pores 
  • Absorb excess sebum
  • Eliminates impurities and dead cells from the skin's surface
  • Contains 10% Glycolic Acid, 10% Kaolin and 5% Bentonite
  • Has the exfoliating action of a scrub
  • Ideal for oily skin

It is important to clean the skin every day to unclog the pores and, to apply an appropriate care product.

How to use:

Apply evenly over the face and neck avoiding the eye contour. Start the application on the T-zone, especially if you have combination skin. Leave it to act for 1 to 2 minutes or from the intense tingling sensation, then rinse thoroughly with water. Use Purify Masque 10 once or twice a week.Tips: Can also be used for blemishes on the back and shoulders, where the skin is thicker. As Purify Masque 10 has an exfoliating action on your skin, do not combine it with an abrasive mechanical scrub!Cautions: Purify Masque contains Glycolic Acid, be sure to use a sunscreen such as Sunlight Screen 50+ every day. Should not be used just before strong exposure to the sun (beach, mountain, prolonged outdoor activities, etc.). If your skin is damaged, if you have just been waxed, or if you have had a mechanical exfoliation, wait 24 hours before using Purify Masque. Be careful with the application time: leaving on for too long could sensitize your skin too intensely. Rinse the mask off immediately in the event of discomfort (itching, intense tingling, sensation of heat, etc.). Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise rinse thoroughly with water. Not suitable for sensitive, damaged, irritated or problem skin. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Actives ingredients:15% Glycolic Acid: with its strong exfoliating power, rids the skin of dead cells, and prevents the clogging of pores. It stimulates skin cell renewal, thereby improving appearance and texture. 10% Kaolin: is a clay with astringent propertis. It absorbs excess sebum from acne-prone and oily skins. 5% Bentonite: is a highly absorbent clay which, once saturated with oil, has the property of removing toxins and impurities from the skin surface.AQUA (WATER), GLYCOLIC ACID, KAOLIN, GLYCERYL STEARATE, BENTONITE, CI 77891 (TITANIUM DIOXIDE), POLYSORBATE 20, PEG-100 STEARATE, ISOPROPYL PALMITATE, MAGNESIUM ALUMINUM SILICATE, POTASSIUM CETYL PHOSPHATE, LANOLIN ALCOHOL, XANTHAN GUM, ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN, PEG-120 METHYL GLUCOSE DIOLEATE, DISODIUM EDTA, SODIUM BENZOATE.