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Exuviance Professional Bionic Tonic, 50ml


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Bionic Tonic 36 Pads

This unique product invigorates skin with three key benefits in one easy pad. A daily dose of antioxidant multivitamins combines with patented PHA/Bionic to strengthen skin, enhancing resiliency and diffusing the effects of daily environmental exposure. Green Tea and cucumber extracts leave skin soft, supple, moist, while the potent PHA/Bionic complex gently stimulates and imparts an unmistakable, youthful glow.

  • Creates an instantly radiant complexion
  • Gently stimulates new fresh skin cells
  • Intense anti-ageing properties
  • Bring new life & strength to stressed skin
  • PHA/Bionic Complex (4% Gluconolactone and 0.5% Lactobionic Acid)
  • Antioxidant Multivitamin Complex (Vitamin A, C & E)
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Protects against free radicals
  • Suitable for Normal and Combination skin types
  • pH: 4.8

Bring new life to stressed skin. Start the day with a bionic power boost designed to gently awaken new fresh cells to the skin's surface and give rise to a radiant, instantly luminous complexion.