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Exuviance Professional Night Renewal Hydragel, 50g


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Night Renewal Hydragel

This high-performance anti-ageing solution was created to address the unique needs of oily skin as it ages. The lightweight oil-free hydrating formulation with an elegant Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA)/Polyhydroxy acids (PHA) complex is clinically proven to diminish signs of ageing, such as pore size and rough textures. Plus, a natural botanical blend reduces oiliness without drying, leaving nothing but matte, youthful perfection. 

  • Controls shine, refines pores
  • Hydrates oily skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Non-comedogenic /acnegenic 
  • Dermatologist and allergy-tested


After 4 weeks of twice-daily use*:

  • 97% gel feels lightweight on the skin
  • 84% skin is softer
  • 72% improved radiance
* percentage of respondents noting improvement or favourable attribute