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Hive of Beauty After Wax Treatment Lotion with Coconut & Lime, 400ml


Soothes the skin after a waxing treatment.

After Wax Treatment Lotion

Coconut and Lime After Wax Treatment Lotion is a rich and luxurious blend of oils created to enhance client comfort and is paraben-free. Harnessing the natural moisturising benefits of Coconut Oil and the invigorating properties of Kaffir Lime, the lotion helps soothe and protect the skin whilst providing a truly exotic fragrance that creates the perfect conclusion to any waxing treatment.

  • Cruelty-Free, Vegan Friendly and Paraben-Free
  • Contains Coconut Oil and Kaffir Lime to cleanse and protect the skin
  • Fresh & exotic fragrance
How to use: