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Hive of Beauty Mini Multi Pro Cartridge Waxing 3 Chamber Heater


A 3 chamber multi-functional cartridge heater, designed for both roller wax hair removal and spray paraffin heat therapy.

Mini Multi Pro Chamber Heater

The Mini Multi Pro Cartridge Heater will hold up to 3 cartridges, ideal for use in busy salons, and is suitable for use with 80g and 100g Roller Depilatory Cartridges, as well as 80g Spray Paraffin Cartridges.

  • 3 cartridge heating locations
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Temperature regulator control
  • Clear protective lid
  • Supplied with fitted plug
  • CE approved

It can deliver fast, efficient, hygienic roller wax applications or perform paraffin heat therapy treatments.

    How to use: