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Oritree Optimum Hot Film Wax Pellets 1kg

£16.95 GBP

Crafted to provide waxing professionals with a gentle formulation that remains pliable enabling a superior hair removal action and creating the coveted ORITREE results. The inclusion of Pure Beeswax helps the product adhere to the hair only, gripping strongly whilst remaining pliable, enabling hairs a short as 2mm to be removed easily, with greater levels of client comfort.

  • No wax strips required
  • Easily decant the amount of wax required per treatment
  • Re-sealable bag
  • Created with Pure Beeswax for a natural and effective base

ORITREE Optimum Hot Film Wax Pellets are easily decanted to the quantity required per treatment and can be re-sealed, offering salons superb economy.

How to use: