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Silk'n ReVit Prestige Home Microdermabrasion Device

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£89.00 GBP £129.00 GBP

Diamond peeling microdermabrasion with LCD display 

Silk’n ReVit Prestige is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants firm, radiant, younger-looking skin on their face and body. Thanks to the LCD display, you can be sure of a structured skin treatment. Discover what a peeling with this powerful microdermabrasion device can do for you! 

  • Removes dead skin cells and stimulates the production of new cells
  • Improves skin texture and elasticity
  • Blurs age spots and skin imperfections
  • Softens fine lines
  • Includes 4 treatment tips, 30 filters (also available separately), a charging cradle and a pouch
    How to use:

    <p>Use the device maximum 2 times a week. Treat your face for&nbsp;maximum 4 minutes per treatment. Treat the parts of your body by passing each area no more than 3 times.</p>
    <p>Download the user manual guide from&nbsp;<a href="https://silkn.co.uk/media/downloads/Revit%20Prestige_MULTI.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.&nbsp;</p>


    <p><strong>Package contents:</strong>&nbsp;1x ReVit Prestige device, 3x diamond treatment tips (Fine, Regular & Body), 1x Massage treatment tip, 1x charging cradle, 1x USB cable, 1x USB wall adapter, 30x filters, 1x pouch, 1x cleaning brush, 1x user manual</p>
    <p>2 years warranty</p>